Jazzy Birthday Treat & BarBQ at home


Friday 9th March, 2007

Came to office (late again :@) … Starting studying and tried to understand DOM Handling libraries of java by apache … offered jumma namaz at a ground near office … it was cloudy since morning but no wind was blowing… after offering namaz a strong wind started to blow… it looked like it would rain…. but it didn’t …. we hurried back to office …

Jehanzeb gave us treat at Bonfire that night …. all of us i.e. me , Jehanzeb (Jazzy) , Azeem, Junaid (J), Usman(Bubbs), Asad (stud) and Kamran(Kami). We got together after a long time. It was a fun night. We chatted a lot. After dinner, going to Mini Golf for “sheesha” was proposed but it started drizzling and looked like it would get worse. I and Usman were on bikes so we insisted on going home. Sheesha could be on someother time. Azeem was not happy. And as expected on way back it started raining heavily and I mean HEAVY!!!!. I was drenched from head to toe in seconds. and I didnt had a jacket that day just a sweater. Anyways found a shelter and waited for about 20 mins for the rain to slow down.

Reached home around 10:30 pm all drenched. Changed clothes and went to Atique’s home. Where a barbQ was waiting for me. All my “muhalla” friends aka Umer (Bhatti pronounced patti), Zulqerrnain (sheikh), Atique urf (Tipu/Doosh), Sheikh’s and Doosh’s younger brothers were there. We prepared and ate Seekh Kabaab’s with roghni naans and coke. It was DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!. The environment was full shugalMahol.com :D. Went home at around 1 pm or late ….. dont remember exactly.

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