Puranon Ka Jor


Saturday 10th Marc, 2007

Saturday is off at office( Yahoooooooo!!!) . Got up late … played few games on PC .. read some books here and there …. at 4:00PM got ready for going to “Puranon ka Jorr“. Packed my Luggage 🙂 and went to Masjid. I was late but very lucky… they were just leaving when I reached there. Got to Jorr by car around 5:00 and offered Assar there… After Assar It was Maulana Jamshed’s Bayan… After Maghrib it was Haji Saab’s Bayan.

Due to rain the previous day… the ground was like MoltyFoam 😀 …. and cold too… anyways not a big problem… I had a blanket and sheet and a plastic sheet… For sleeping I spread the cloth sheet on top of plastic sheet … and layed down in my warm blanket such that half of it was beneath me and I wrapped the other half around and fell into a “peacefull” sleep … a sleep I was missing since I came back from 4-months … Honestly the sleep you get in the path of ALLAH is not found anywhere else.

In the morning got up for namaz e Fajr … and after that it was Haji Saab’s bayan .. as always … it was a long bayan … after that we had breakfast … it was with cream and honey with bread … and then it was rest time till 10 am … Then “Taaleem ka Halqqa” laga … after that … lunch preperations started after lunch there was time in zuhar. So it was “in’fradi aamaal” time.

By that time the weather was starting to give hints of rain … and people had started host plastic sheets over there places to be safe. Around 2:30pm Zuhar Jamaat started … during the jamaat it started drizzling … by now we hadnt hosted a sheet over our head and were hoping and praying that there would be no rain. but our hopes didnt seem to come true 🙂 … so some people went to buy plastic sheets … they were gone a few minutes that the rain got worst …it started raining cats and dogs….. we gathered all our stuff in the middle of our sheet (which we layed on the ground) and put the rest of the part over it. and then …………..

we ran for it !!!!!! 😀

We had three cars … we did a quick “mashwara”… we would take shelter in the cars … and see if the conditions suitable … perhaps not suitable …. rather whether it is possible to stay there…. cats & dogs raining went on for about 20 min … and it made the conditions worst … the ground was already not good from the the day before yesterday’s raining … now it was presenting view of a puddle … let me tell you these “grounds” are actually used as fields to grow crops … so the ground was very raw.

Anyways after the rain stopped our Ameer saab decided to go to the under-development madarassa building of Babar saab …. so we all went there .. there we had tea and then some people went back to get the luggage and stuff which we left there. I had t go to office the next morning so I was confused should I stay the night there or not … then one of the people were going back in car …. so I availed the opportunity and went home with them.

thats all now you can stop cursing me .. the post is over

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