Software Engineer’s Day Cycle :)


I found a interesting image that quite truly depicts the day of a software engineer 🙂

Software Engineer's Life

It reminds me of a sher 🙂

صبح ہوتی ہے  ۔ ۔ ۔ شام ہوتی ہے ۔ ۔ ۔

زندگی یوں ہی تمام ہوتی ہے ۔ ۔ ۔

* I dont exactly remember from where I found it so sorry for no reference.

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  1. nice to see the life of a software engineer through a picture but think about if the person viewing that picture is not an engineer he wud surely demand of some ellaboration of the picture.Although its nice yet you can make it more by justification

  2. @imtiaz
    🙂 if you insist then


    @kaka belly:
    first of all … i really like ur nick 🙂 …

    2ndly thanks.. it looks like good management, but that’s quite opposite of what Software Engr. think about their 9-to-9 constant-work-daily-life ( yes ‘not’ 9-to-6) which leaves very little if not zero time for their family and social life

    ~sahil se kabhi toofaa’n ka andaaza nahi hota 😀

  3. lolz this is so true and has me quite daunted to be honest…. I’ll be finishing up my BS(CS) from fast this December insha’Allah and hopefully will be joining the job market. and i’ve heard all these tales of working freakishly long hours from my seniors who work in top-tier software houses. hahahaha baharhaal i guess jo hoga dekha jaega! 😀

    • oh .. then I dont have a good news for you … you are condemned for a life 😀 .. forget ur social and family life bcz it will only be limited to the weekends 🙂

  4. try asking them and they’ll give you their own litany of complains. ;).Software engineers can atleast be prompt in replying to messages online.
    Yup its my first( this one would be fourth) visit to your blog.Thanks for dropping by ( this word always remind me of pigeons =/ , but for time being I can’t think of an alternative word 😉 ) at my blog and giving your feed-back =)

    • well i will give u an analogy ..

      A woman bears a baby in 9 months

      Manager’s logic = So that means if I hire 9 women, I would be able to deliver a baby to the client in 1 month ! 😀

      this joke as “actually” word by word told to a manager by me once 😛 because thats what he was trying to achieve in a project .. put many resources and deliver a 1 month deadline in 1 week .

  5. it goes with every profession when u just enter into it
    like with me ghar.. uni…. hosp…. uni…. ghar….. kitabin….. n then go to sleeppp

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