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United we stand … Divided we fall …


What ever he said and pointed out it applies today too … in fact the problems has worsen especially the provincial sectarianism ” soobai firqawariat” … both people in sindh and balochistan are talking about separation … what the hell is happening !!! . These thoughts are fueled by the politicians and people who have their own ulterior motives. They are throwing petrol into this fire making it bigger and bigger ..

Don’t people remember 1971 !!! … have they forgotten the phrase “divided we fall” … the country was made on the principles of unity, discipline and faith (itehaad, tanzeem aur yaqeen). I don’t watch TV “at all” let alone news channels. I don’t read newspaper, only “The News” on Sunday. In that too I just purposefully just glance over the political section not much dwelling on it. My sources of news is Sahics_all ( FAST’s alumni email group ) and countless Pakistani blogs I follow, in the past few months the “soobai firqawaariat/ta’asub” has reached alarming heights. In my whole life , the 26 years of my existence, I haven’t distinguished anyone on the basis of their place of birth, not on sects, not on casts, not even on religion , I didn’t even think or considered or didn’t even cared about other person’s religion, cast, sect, location, nationality whatever. Only saw and judged the person by his personality, his habits , his behavior with other human beings, his dealing, etc.  Hell !! I don’t even have info regarding any of this stuff about 98% of the people I know. The 2% I know about had their cast as part of their name like butt, rajput, qureshi, etc but again “I DIDN’T CARE , I DON’T CARE AND I NEVER WILL GIVE DAMN ABOUT IT” !!! :@.

Mainly my observation is that this mindset is due to the fact that people keep dwelling in the past aur “maazi ka rona rotay rehtay hain”. I admit there have been bad happenings in the past and I am extremely sorry about it. I am not at all ignoring them or telling to do so. But instead of learning our lesson from it instead we go and consciously or unconsciously repeat the mistakes that lead to that disaster. But my point is

“Why destroy your present and future dwelling on the past ?… WHY ?”

Humain apni “main” ko maar kar “hum” ko dil main basaana ho ga

I’m not hopeless, though sometimes reading threads and comments where people are just bashing each other based on location racism just passes my the threshold of my “bardaasht”, But I am still hopeful. Alhamdulillah when I see people around me … my family, my relatives, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbors less than 1% has any kind or racism , those less than 1% also have only a pinch like “aatay main namak k barabar” . The youth as far as I know majority doesn’t have these biases or prejudices , they are just being fed this “shitty” mindset ( yes I used that word , because I couldn’t come up with more degrading word than it) by people who have s*** in place of their brain.

We have other real issues e.g. poverty, hunger, lack of or degrading education, injustice, inadequate medical facilities, years behind in Science and Technology and many many many more all of which will take pages to write here.

Apart from that we need to prepare for the afterlife, be a good human being, fulfill our duties towards Allah and His creations, become an exemplary muslim to show the world what Islam truly really is , call people towards Allah and try to show them the real true path which leads them to their Creator.

This all started with reading some blogs and comments and watching a video and look what came out of it J

I guess at the end what I really want is

خدا کرے میری ارضِ پاک پر اترے

وہ فصلِ گل جسے اندیشہ زوال نہ ہو

یہاں جو پھول کھلے، کھلا رہے صدیوں

یہاں خزاں کو گزرنے کی بھی مجال نہ ہو

یہاں جو سبزہ اگے، ہمیشہ سبز رہے

اور ایسا سبز کہ جس کی کوئی مثال نہ ہو

خدا کرے کہ نہ خم ہو سرِ وقارِ وطن

اور اس کے حسن کہ تشویشِ ماہ و سال نہ ہو

ہر ایک فرد ہو، تہزیب و فن کا اوجِ کمال

کوئی ملول نہ ہو ، کوئی خستہ حال نہ ہو

خدا کرے کہ میرے ایک بھی ہم وطن کے لئے

حیات جرم نہ ہو ، زندگی وبال نہ ہو

خدا کرے کہ میری ارضِ پاک پر اترے

وہ فصلِ گل جسے اندیشہ زوال نہ ہو




The day I had this interesting conversation with Burhan Bhai on facebook, I decided that I would put it on my blog. But it got delayed because of my laziness J as u can see I am not very keen blogger. I follow “many” blogs through google reader though (thinking about putting those blogs in my blog roll, but again laziness tells me not to 😛 ) . Anyways so this post contains a conversation where both parties “try” to converse in the traditional almost obsolete pure urdu , some also say ‘lakhnawi urdu’ . I really enjoy reading or hearing or trying to converse in this mode. So enough ranting, here it is …

“Ali : Assalam o Alaikum .. kaisay mizaaj hain aap kay .. Khuda e Buzurg o Bartar say umeed hai k theek hi hon gay 🙂 … aap say aik baat dariyaft karni thi .. k huzoor aap apnay blog posts ko as a facebook “note” kasay bant’tay (to share) hain ?? … jawab jald dijiye ga .. ain nawazish ho gi ( warna aap k kaan mai kharish ho gi 😛 )”

” Burhan : bismillah se ibtida he meri. sada khush raho ye dua hai meri

dua-o-salam k baad arz hai k iss mein mera koi kamal nahi, facebook walon ki ghalti hai. janab-e-mohtaram Mark Zuckerberg sahab ne iss option ko danista ya ghair-danista tor per New User Int…erface mein nahi dala. magar, agar puranay Notes walay interface pe aap ka ghalti se guzar ho to right side per “importing notes” k baray mein ek option cheeekh cheekh awaz de rahi hoti hai. barah-e-karam uss ki sunn lijey ga.

Aqal dung reh jati hai jab Mojuda interface k right panel mein banda “See Older Notes” ki option ko click kerta hai… k yaqa-yaq purana User Interface khul jata hai.

Agar aap ki aqal-e-saleem mein abhi bhi baat nahi pohnchi to barahey karam badam khana shuru kijey ya hamdard ki “Damaghi” istemal kijye. shukriya.



Burhan Rasool ”

“Ali: Muhtaram aur azeez-al-jaan Burhan Bhai, Assalam o alaikum

Aap ka muhabbat aur dua’on say bhara murasala mila .. to dil ko az hadd khushi hui .. mussarrat say humaray haath say to chooha(mouse) hi phisal gaya ( ya shayad paseene say :S ) . main… to khud shuru say hi is New User Interface k sakht khilaaf hoon .. Allah

Allah kar k to purana interface seekha tha . sari rayazat khaak main mila di . baqaul humaray aur aap k dost Jeem.Toye’n.Noon k “keeray parain is new interface main”

Waisay yeh aap hi ki uqaabi nazar hai jo urti chiria k parr aur New Interface k Shahi qilla Lahore ki khufia surungo’n (tunnels) jaise posheedah functions dhoond leti hai.

Aap ki nusrat aur duao’n say hum apna blog import karnay main kamayab ho gaye hain

Baqi aap k mashware par sar tasleem e kham hai . magar badam to humari jaib ki pohanch say door hain aur yeh “damaghi” humain naam say koi choti moti cheez lag rahi hai .. kia hamdard ne abhi is ka ziada pur asar version “damagh” nahi nikala ??

acha ab ijazat chahoon ga duaon main yaad rakhiye ga

faqat aap ka chota bhai

Ali Adnan

waise main pizza hut ka cheeze special bhijwa raha hoon , inshallah ab aap ko koi na-cheese nahi kahay ga

upar zikar kiye gaye alfaz “nusrat” aur “musarrat” aur “tasleem” ko lughwi ma’ano main lia jaye aur ghalat matlab na lia jaye 😛 “

Pakistanis are not quitters


We are nation of great men and women … people who have inspired millions … who have their name carved with golden letters in the pages of history … Even today we have people who are living legends … contributing towards this world so much , by the grace of Allah, that this world can not ever pay them back their worth .. they are priceless … this all came  to or should I say was reminded to me by the following video tribute to few of the aspiring Pakistanis out of millions

In my opinion the glass if infact more than 3 quarters full 😀

We are definitely not a nation of quitters … Pakistan Zindabaad !

Thankyou to one who compiled this video 🙂

P.S. Also reminded me of an excellent program that was aired for a short period on PTV named “Hero Pakistan” . Anyone else watched it and remembers it ?