Pakistanis are not quitters


We are nation of great men and women … people who have inspired millions … who have their name carved with golden letters in the pages of history … Even today we have people who are living legends … contributing towards this world so much , by the grace of Allah, that this world can not ever pay them back their worth .. they are priceless … this all came  to or should I say was reminded to me by the following video tribute to few of the aspiring Pakistanis out of millions

In my opinion the glass if infact more than 3 quarters full 😀

We are definitely not a nation of quitters … Pakistan Zindabaad !

Thankyou to one who compiled this video 🙂

P.S. Also reminded me of an excellent program that was aired for a short period on PTV named “Hero Pakistan” . Anyone else watched it and remembers it ?

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