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My days & nights are passing-by like wind rippling through my hair and whooshing past my ears when driving on bright beautiful morning on Jail Road with ika dukka traffic  … u close your eyes for few moments  … Oh ! … the indescribable feeling of cool breeze on your face , your eyelids  .. your minds takes u through a journey which seems to be of thousands of years  … of infinite memories .. of endless fantasies … u feel like you are free as air in paradise … u live a whole life sometimes from birth to death  …. u see it like watching a movie… a life in which all you dreams come true … and at the end everything get all right … everything fits in … you live happily ever after …. this all happens in less than a second … but then you open your eyes ….. just like that !!! ….  “just” … “like” … “that”  !!!

I wish ! ….  I wish I could keep my eyes closed

I wish …

P.S: left this post untitled .. couldn’t come up with any … if you have a suggestion .. do tell

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  1. Is post ka maqsad samajh aaye tou koi title suggest karain na :-P…

    Dost, aala choice of words, aala sentence structuring, aala tareeqay se baat ko paish kiya gaya hai (Y). Title it “Like a dream”

  2. Jokes apart . . You are so lucky that you are able to experience calm and peace and fantasies, may it be with your eyes closed. Have you ever wondered how does it feel when you close your eyes in search of serenity and all you are able to see is everything BLANK and DARK! . . It feels terrible when even your imagination stops helping you! :/

  3. @Sabahat: 😀 lol at 1st comment

    and for the 2nd well I am not so different than normal. I also have those phases / moments when even closing ur eyes deliberately donot take away the blank and dark that surrounds you in those moments … I just reminisced one of the many happy things of life .. 🙂 … And I believe there is a bright sunny morning after even the darkest of nights 🙂

    I have always believed that we have to “extract” happiness from the little things in life 🙂

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comments 🙂

  4. On a very busy evening in 04, I detoured on a sidewalk of Anarkali (lahore) towards a second-floor mosque as I heard Azan of maghrib. While I was unlacing my shoes, I looked upon an old guy (should 60-70) in slums sipping from his teacup with his back against the wall and around him was lying a big pot of milk (open-mouthed), a burning stove and rest of the paraphernalia of tea-making, close by was leaking a sewerage pipe. I stopped at once. The scene lasted for 8-9 minutes.
    Namaz tu mein nay phir parh li but I can still by far claim that I have never seen anyone more happy, serene and calm all my life. It is very strange and well far from what I could put in words but whenever I live this memory, it lends me a moment of happiness by its virtue.
    Not to mention, guys eyes remained closed for all those 8-9 minutes 🙂

    • LOL! 😀 I would like to suggest a writing exercise for you. How about a 2-minute freewriting exercise. No editing, no corrections, no cares about grammar whatsoever. Just write what’s flowing in your head for 2 minutes. You will be surprised. I do it on the daily.

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