“Sad” New Year


Just thought of greeting you a little differently 🙂


گھڑی کی سوئیاں آگے بڑھـیں

کیلنڈر کے صفحے پلٹ گـئے

نیا سال تو آ گیا لـیکن

غم وہی پرانے رہے ۔ ۔


اب  کے   برس    کچھ    ایسا    کرنا

اپنے       پچھلے      بارہ      ماہ       کے

دکھ         سکھ         کا           اندازہ          کرنا

سادہ     سا      اک    کاغذ      لے کر

بھولے    بسرے     پل   لکھ   لینا

اپنے     سارے      پل     لکھ     لینا

سارے     دوست      اکٹھے     کرنا

ساری      صبحیں        حا ضر           کرنا

ساری       شامیں        پاس         بلانا

اور     علاوہ      ان       کے      دیکھو

سارے موسم دھیان میں رکھنا

اک    اک    یاد    گمان   میں    رکھنا

پھر          محتاط             قیاس             لگانا

گر تو    خوشیاں     بڑھ       جاتی    ہیں

تو      پھر     میری       طرف       سے

تم        کو           نیا    سال          مبارک

اور        غم         بڑھ          جاو یں        تو

مت     بے     کار     تکلف     کرنا

دیکھو          پھر          تم           ایسا   کرنا

میری    خوشیاں  تم      لے     لینا

اپنے     غم     مجھ      کو دے       دینا

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  1. so cute 🙂 what a friendly gesture !:P
    I wish this could really happen in real life but these are again bookish words…
    but lets cherish few happy moments by thinking that it may happen; it always happen ‘ and it will keep on happening. …

  2. Well
    let bygones be bygones, Life is beautiful, what happen in the Past, forget that and live in present, Past is over, you never think about future, live for today, live every moment of life, because is never come back again,
    Time might lead me to nowhere and faith might break into pieces but I will always be THANKFUL that once in my life’s journey we became FRIENDS!

    Na kabhi Kal Aya Hy, Na woh kabhi aya ga

    Kal = Yesterday
    Kal= Tomorrow

    Just Bring it On….

    It takes half our life to find true friends and half of it keeping them. I am lucky to have spent less than half my life finding you and wish to spend the rest keeping you.

    Happy New Year My Friend

  3. My Pleasure
    @ Ali, I am looking something and come cross to your Blog, Nice poetry about new year, Hope you don’t Mind if I comment on your poetry, you do not know who am I?Hassan From the beautiful World Of Allah

    jsut told your friend how it become bookish, it’s from real world, someone write and it become bookish, Someone write in there and heart,

    Nice talk with you , C U around

    kuch dard mujha tu sehna day andar sa zinda rahna day…ankhain banjar hojain gi kuch ashk mera tu behna day…hontoun pa hansi ankhoun main nami bheegi si hain mera dil ki zameen…..sab kuch hasil hain ajj magar mitti hi nahi teri kami….neendoun main sahi khaouboun main sahi bahoun main teri soo lena day…kuch dard mujha tu sehna day…

    Hassan Dawud,
    Best Regards

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