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  1. It reminded me of a line I read in a novel, “Imagine not meeting someone because you love them so much. Imagine hurting someone, making them feel lonely, angry and unloved because you feel it’s the best for them.”


  2. I’m going crazy, I don’t know what to do..
    I tried everything && I just can’t get over you..
    After all this I realized it can’t be done..
    Deep inside my heart, you’re still the one.

    something to share with you all

  3. well , in my view one may become so much attached to ur loved one and may have developed a habit of sharing things , burdening u with ur thoughts and sorrows (God forbid , if someone has), sharing ur daily routines and probably eating someones head, whenever u get a chance and whenever u feel like doing that ….
    and becoming apart from that person may makes u feel like hell and once again , it all depends on the intensity of the attachment and association with that person and missing that person in his/her life may makes u lov him more, probably many times than what u used to do before …….

  4. @hassan
    thanks very much for sharing 🙂 I sooooo agree to this one
    “After all this I realized it can’t be done..”

    (sorry i guess i missed replying to ur comment before )

    being close .. we just take them for granted … being apart makes one realize that they are an important part of your life

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