i want someone …


i want someone i can go to. Someone i can tell my secrets to. Someone who won’t judge me for the mistakes i’ve made, for the mistakes i will continue to make. i want someone who understands. Someone who forgives me when i say sorry. i want someone who huff at me and stop me whenever i tend to do something harmful to myself. i want someone who says good night to me, and prays to Allah they get the chance to say good morning. i want someone who wipes my tears away. Someone who brings smile to gloomy moments. i want someone who embrace me every time, like we have been centuries apart. Someone whose eyes lighten up on seeing me. i want someone who wants me even when no one wants me. Someone who needs me. Someone who trust me.

i want someone who loves me.



Inspired by icanread

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  1. @raaji
    I just thought of finally saying it out loud 😀 .. may be .. just may be she would hear my call and come to me 😉

    LoL … nice advice 😀 but the problem is they dont sell talking walking tall fluffy teddy bears now a days 😛

    thanks for the compliment 🙂

    should I call you CU ? although real name would have been better 🙂

    • 🙂 yes you can…infact all bloggers call me CU….CaptureUniverse is bit long to write… 😛

  2. well, first of all , i would like to express my opinion about ali’s composition .
    v.well composed and this is what every person needs in todays life…
    though i’m visiting ur blog after quite a long time but its a good one and wort reading.
    ahsan suggested u a simple solution but it does not help in every situation 🙂

  3. @Vageha
    Thanks 🙂
    you should be fined to give treat to me for not visiting my blog for such a long time 😀
    And Ahsan’s solution is not “simple” at all 😛

    • oh! your comment was filtered out as spam , now it wont happen again 🙂

      welcome to my humble blog and thank you sooooo much for the wish 🙂

  4. Thanks Fille 🙂 … definitely that someone has to be my friend and much more …as without becoming a friend .. cannot give me what I ask for 🙂

    Welcome to my journal 🙂

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