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You wake up in the morning at 8 am. Sometimes it’s a beautiful morning with clouds and fresh breeze blowing like right now. But mostly it just a morning with sun shooting strait in your eyes your room’s window. You curse yourself of not closing the curtains before sleeping ! :@ .

You glance at the watch …

“damn it ! its 8 already (office starts at 9)”

… you embrace the pillow for just a minute more and the next thing you know your mother is calling you from downstairs at the top of her voice

” Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!! 9 baj gaye hain !! office nahi jana kiaaaaa !”

“Abhi sirf 8 bajay hainnnnnnn!”… said gruntingly … then a glance at the watch … (oh shit, it “IS” 9 pm!! , What the hell !! ) … get up from the bed with a jump – a knee jerk reaction … ummm… lets fast forward a little J … so finally reach office and mark your start time at 10:15 or 10:30 … what ?? .. yeah yeah … I take that much time ! .. so what ! … its all cartoon networks fault ! why do they have to show “Tom & Jerry” right when I am ready to leave for office!! .. treacherous CN !! 😛

Anyways so u reach office, turn on your laptop, check unread official emails (just double click and hit esc if I am not in the “to” list ) … in parallel open personal gmail .. oh there’s a mail on Sahics 2002 group ! .. may be the ~!@$#%^&*I*) “Year Book”  team has finally completed it ( YEAH RIGHT !!! )

Oh it’s a mail from Farhan. He goes on and on about that the group is dead, no body posts good stuff, everyone have become busy, nobody shares, blah blah … all the time giving all the answers himself e.g. After all that’s none of anybodys F’ing business.

He even uses words and phrases like excitement, love to share, personal life, social life, girlfriends !! … WHAT THE HELL ARE ALL THOSE !! ??

And at the end he has addressed me and Haris . Calling on us to “revive the Art”. I smiled, as I couldn’t laugh out loud bcz I was still in office remember J. My friend Haris have become a good blogger over time, check out his blog.

Whereas “me” a writer!? (sigh) I soooooooooooo wish I was a writer or a poet, believe me I do ! . And here and on when I say writer I mean “really good literary writers/poets”, in Urdu we call them “Adeeb/Shayar”. I strongly believe that 99.99% of the time it’s a God gift. Someone can say that I am writing right now, oh no no no , this is me just “blabbering” not writing J.

Adeeb/Shayar is one who uses the simplest and the most complex of words, join them together in composition, sort of like a melody, that no matter what the reader’s vocabulary is, the reader glides through the words, sentences, paragraphs, chapters, books in an effortless way, completely understanding and taking in what the writer has drawn on the canvas. It grips you and you don’t let go until you have read it completely.

A writer would observe the most ordinary in world in the most extraordinary of ways. And when they transfer that on a paper they have the gift of precisely and beautifully “expressing” things, emotions, thoughts etc which people like me just cannot, despite wanting to.

They can portray the life of slums in such a way that it would seem as the most beautiful blissful life on Earth, they can make you fall in love with an anti-hero, they would paint loneliness in words that you would actually “yearn” for that kind of loneliness and they can say “I hate you” in ways that you will “love” that sentence and vice versa.

I am thankful to Allah that he gave me the hobby of reading. It is one of the very few ways, in this mundane-computerized-internet-ized life of ours, which assures us that we are not just robots.

Lastly I would like to mention a few of the literary legends of Urdu (in no particular order) : Ashfaq Ahmed, Allama Iqbal, Ahmed Faraz, Pitrass, Saadat Hassan Manto, Shafiq ur Rehman, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, Muneer Niazi, Parween Shakir, Qurat ul Ain Haider, Bano Qudsia, Ibn e Insha, Mustaq Ahmad Yusufi, Ismat Chugtai , Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi, Wasif Ali Wasif and many more

Sorry my friend, you expect too much from me. I cannot revive writing , expressing and sharing. But I can urge people to read. Lets revive the culture of book reading atleast. Encourage children by giving them good books as gifts. who knows which one of them will become the next  Iqbal , Faraz, Ashfaq or Pitrass ! 🙂

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    • what happens ? 🙂
      u dont post for weeks / months ?
      the morning fiasco i mentioned ?
      or worse :
      did a frnd named farhan mails you too ? 😛

  1. i m just talking about getting late at times ok 😛
    its not that i got mails there is my ** friend** who knws that i always get late ok
    n i m a student gets late for classs

    • LOLzzz .. ok so r u saying that u get late for class often ? 😛 … bcz let me tell you .. in this regard you cannot compete with me 🙂

    • kamran that would be difficult, and I have many dreams and being a writer or a poet is just one of them .. but it is not on the top.. I really love the field I am working in .. its one of my passions … so I am quite lucky and happy 🙂

    • hey thanks for visiting and for the nice comment 🙂

      with so many ppl encouraging me .. I think I should pick the pen up soon 🙂

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