Perfect Trust ??


I wrote this post as a comment to this post by my friend Haris. But then I thought why not make it a post? What is it ? something like … killing 2 birds with 1 bullet .. or something ? 😛

Trust ?? total … complete …  perfect trust ?? Seriously??  Why do we believe in or want to have perfection in this imperfect mortal world from imperfect mortal beings ?? I mean “seriously” ??

Haris my friend these quotes , these beautiful words grouped together which makes us nod our head in agreement, then a smile comes on our face or a sigh escapes our lips … they all “only” apply in perfect aka heavenly environment.

We are humans… mortal … imperfect … having little narrow intellect …

News flash!!! … “We make mistakes” !!! … which needs “explanations” .. need 2nd chances .. and 3rd and 4th and so on …

Everyone have secrets if not deep or dark .. but still thing we can only keep to ourselves … things we “want” only for ourselves … we are selfish at some level or at some aspect or for some things or another … and thus we can’t trust someone completely & blindly and neither can we give serve trust to someone in that way … we don’t have the “hardware” for it

but still we have these “perfect” desires … It’s just plain stupid!

I mean at least “I” myself can’t bestow my “complete” and “blind” trust in any one in this world … There will always be some things which I just can’t or I “WONT” ! … There is only One who u can trust in that way and that’s our Creator … because He is the only one who won’t ever ever EVER break it .. no one else is capable .. just no one !!

So my advice … stop demanding / looking for perfect love, complete trust, total attention, pure care, 100% possession … its just not meant for this world .. these are all things of heavens in afterlife … where everything bad and wrong will be eradicated .. the test will end … those who pass will be in eternal happiness …

Only there will we find “perfection” J

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  1. Well said wada paa g…. although absolute trust cant exist … bt for me complete trust is where …. you trust someone with all your hart … and still posess the power to forgive them if they cannot come to your standard!!!

  2. @Chota Paa Ji
    😀 … agreed with you .. that was my point .. but again I would say that we cant put “complete” trust in any person.. that would be illogical .. bcz no person is capable to come to that standard no matter how good.

    I didn’t say we cant trust anyone!! .. don’t try to twist my words 😛 .. I simply said we cant put “absolute” trust in anyone other than Allah.. read Andeel’s comment .. you would understand 🙂

  3. Read this… its say it all 😀

    Sometimes, we need or have to trust someone and trust ourselves in trusting others. You might get hurt but you will find easy way that that person is trust worthy or not. Sadly sometimes we think that that person is not trust worthy just because you share differences, even good ones. Not all people are compatible with eachother, thats doesn’t gives us a right to judge someone by your liking standards.

    • @Farhan
      I never talked abt judging … point was that we shouldn’t expect very high trust from someone as he/she just cannot come upto it. Sooner or later they wont be able to uphold it. At that time, we should be able to forgive them and give them 2nd chance and if in the 1st place you don’t expect that much than all above wont even be needed and you just say “Its ok, I understand” .. thats it … its that simple ! 🙂

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