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A Social Experiment : Hijab [an excerpt]


This is one of the top reasons, besides many other, why I dont ever want to go to america or any other western / european country because of the discrimination and racism. Its sad and I pity such people who keep on ranting about tolerance and justice and equality and freedom of speech and freedom of expression and freedom to live your life the way you want , but practically they just mean that for “their” people and not anyone else because others don’t “deserve” it ! Read below an excerpt from a simple article of a non-muslim, who carried out a simple social experiment. Read what she found out. Also the comments are worth reading too

A Social Experiment

by ~asmilingmalice Yesterday, I went to the Islamic Center of America. I felt incredibly out of place, being a non-Muslim who wasn’t wearing a hijab, and I was very nervous when stepping into the office. Out of respect, I did the best I could to hide my hair by pulling up my coat’s hood. I went to the lady at the desk, greeted her with “assalamu alaikum,” and she was very happy to answer my questions about the mosque and where to buy a hijab, among other things. She told me that I could observe the prayers, gave me an e-mail to a man who could give me a tour of the center, and told me how to properly wear the hijab. It was a surprisingly warm welcome and I felt pretty at ease. After observing the service, I noticed a man was selling something in one of the hallways. I walked over there and saw a collection of jewelry and hijabs. I decided that if I were to come back, I should have more than just my coat’s big hood. So I bought a pretty green hijab, then stepped into the lady’s room to try it on. It’s there I met Sona. She was 27-years-old and had converted to Islam a year ago. She helped me with the hijab, we exchanged numbers, and she told me that she would answer any questions I had about the religion, the culture, among other things. After we parted ways, an idea occurred to me when I was driving home from the mosque. Back in high school, I wanted to do a social experiment for my Sociology class. My sister gave me the idea to wear a hijab out in public to see how people treated me. Back then, I didn’t know where to find a hijab. Now that I had one, I thought I would give that experiment another shot. So I put on my new hijab and set out to three public places: a bookstore, the mall, and a restaurant. The bookstore wasn’t entirely unpleasant. There weren’t too many people there to begin with, and because the ones there were absorbed in books, it explained why they didn’t pay all that much attention to me. One of the ladies who worked there asked me if I needed any help and showed me where the bookstore kept the Qur’an. Overall it was pretty nice. The mall and the restaurant were quite different. I wrote this in my status on Facebook: Muslims put up with some of the worst customer service. I am not exaggerating when I say this.

When I stepped into that mall, I realized just how different this particular outing was going to be from others I’ve had in the past. The first store I walked into was Best Buy, but I visited every store in the mall at least once. No sooner did I step into Best Buy, I noticed how different things were. First of all, the person at the door didn’t greet me like he did to other customers entering the store. I didn’t think nothing of it at first, and instead I went over to look at the CDs and DVDs in the store. Usually when a customer is browsing the store, one of the employees will approach them and ask if they need any help finding something. This didn’t happen once, not even when I made direct eye contact with an employee whom I went to school with. She didn’t recognize me. I can’t blame her for it, since my long hair was covered up, but I couldn’t help but feel that all she saw was my hijab and not me, let alone a customer.

You can read the complete article here :

(تم بس اپنا خیال رکھنا)Tum Bas Apna Khayal Rakhna …



اتنی سی اک دعا ہے کہ آنے والا ہر اک لمحہ

حسین چاہتوں کے پھول بخشے ، عروج بخشے

تمہاری دنیا میں روشنی ہو

تمہاری محفل میں خوشیاں ہوں

تمہارے ہونٹوں پہ مسکراہٹ ہو


کبھی بھی تم تک دُکھوں کی دستک نہ پہنچ پائے

تمہاری آنکھوں میں جو ستارے چمک رہے ہیں

یونہی چمکتے رہیں ہمیشہ

تمہارے دل تک بے وفایئوں کی

کوئی اندھیری کرن نہ پہنچے


خدا کرے کہ ہر دل کا قرار لوُٹو

مگر تمہاری ہر اک تمنا

ہر اک خواہش

تمہارے ہونٹوں تک آتے آتے

تمہارے قدموں تک آن پہنچے

جو ہوسکے تو تمہارے حصے کے سب

غموں کو میں اپنے اندر اتار لوں


جانتا ہوں یہ ممکن تو نہیں

لیکن دعا تو میرا حق ہے

یہ مختصر سی دعا کا تحفہ سمبھال رکھنا

میرے اندھیروں کی فکر چھوڑو تم

تم بس اپنا خیال رکھنا ۔ ۔ ۔

 Itni Si Ek Dua Hai Ke Aane Wala Har Lamha

Haseen Chahaton Ke Phool Bakshe Urooj Bakshe

Tumhari Duniya Mein Roshni Ho

Tumhari Mehfil Mein Khushiyan Ho

Tumhare Honthon Pe Muskurahat Ho


Kabhi Bhi Tum Tak Dukhon Ki Dastak Na Pahuch Paye

Tumhari Aankhon Mein Jo Sitare Chamak Rahe Hai

Yunhi Chamakte Rahe Hamesha

Tumhare Dil Tak Bewafaiyon Ki

Koi Andheri Kiran Na Pahuche


Khuda Kare Ke Har Dil Kar Qarar Lauto

Magar Tumhari Har Ek Tamanna

Har Ek Khwahish

Tumhare Honthon Tak Aate Aate

Tumhare Qadmon Tak Aan Pahuche

Jo Ho Sake To Tumhare Hisse Ke Sab

Gamon Ko Main Apne Andar Utar Lunn


Janta Hoon Ye Mumkin To Nahi

Lekin Dua To Mera Haq Hai

Ye Mukhtasir Se Dua Ka Tohfa Sambhal Rakhna

Mere Andheron Ki Fikr Chhodo Tum

Tum Bas Apna Khayal Rakhna

(English Translation courtesy of Aasiyah)

Just a little wish that each coming moment in your life,

Gives you flowers of love and prosperity.

May there always be light in your world,

Happiness in your company,

and a smile on your lips.


May grief never knock on your doors.

Stars that shine in your eyes,

May they shine like this forever.

May the shadows of deceit never reach your heart.


I pray to God that you steal every heart’s calmness.

But I hope that each of your wish,

Everything you want,

Kisses your feet,

Even before it reaches your lips.

And if possible, I want to take all your griefs and fill myself of it.


Yet I know that’s not possible

But praying is my right.

Keep this small gift of prayers safe.

Don’t you worry of my darkness.

Just take care of yourself.

(بارشوں کے موسم میں) Barishon ke mausam main …



بارشوں کے موسم میں

ان کو یاد کرنے کی

عادتیں پرانی ہیں

اب کے بار سوچا کہ

عادتیں بدل ڈالوں

پھر خیال آیا کہ

عادتیں بدلنے سے

۔ ۔ ۔

بارشیں نہیں رُکتیں


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