A Social Experiment : Hijab [an excerpt]


This is one of the top reasons, besides many other, why I dont ever want to go to america or any other western / european country because of the discrimination and racism. Its sad and I pity such people who keep on ranting about tolerance and justice and equality and freedom of speech and freedom of expression and freedom to live your life the way you want , but practically they just mean that for “their” people and not anyone else because others don’t “deserve” it ! Read below an excerpt from a simple article of a non-muslim, who carried out a simple social experiment. Read what she found out. Also the comments are worth reading too

A Social Experiment

by ~asmilingmalice Yesterday, I went to the Islamic Center of America. I felt incredibly out of place, being a non-Muslim who wasn’t wearing a hijab, and I was very nervous when stepping into the office. Out of respect, I did the best I could to hide my hair by pulling up my coat’s hood. I went to the lady at the desk, greeted her with “assalamu alaikum,” and she was very happy to answer my questions about the mosque and where to buy a hijab, among other things. She told me that I could observe the prayers, gave me an e-mail to a man who could give me a tour of the center, and told me how to properly wear the hijab. It was a surprisingly warm welcome and I felt pretty at ease. After observing the service, I noticed a man was selling something in one of the hallways. I walked over there and saw a collection of jewelry and hijabs. I decided that if I were to come back, I should have more than just my coat’s big hood. So I bought a pretty green hijab, then stepped into the lady’s room to try it on. It’s there I met Sona. She was 27-years-old and had converted to Islam a year ago. She helped me with the hijab, we exchanged numbers, and she told me that she would answer any questions I had about the religion, the culture, among other things. After we parted ways, an idea occurred to me when I was driving home from the mosque. Back in high school, I wanted to do a social experiment for my Sociology class. My sister gave me the idea to wear a hijab out in public to see how people treated me. Back then, I didn’t know where to find a hijab. Now that I had one, I thought I would give that experiment another shot. So I put on my new hijab and set out to three public places: a bookstore, the mall, and a restaurant. The bookstore wasn’t entirely unpleasant. There weren’t too many people there to begin with, and because the ones there were absorbed in books, it explained why they didn’t pay all that much attention to me. One of the ladies who worked there asked me if I needed any help and showed me where the bookstore kept the Qur’an. Overall it was pretty nice. The mall and the restaurant were quite different. I wrote this in my status on Facebook: Muslims put up with some of the worst customer service. I am not exaggerating when I say this.

When I stepped into that mall, I realized just how different this particular outing was going to be from others I’ve had in the past. The first store I walked into was Best Buy, but I visited every store in the mall at least once. No sooner did I step into Best Buy, I noticed how different things were. First of all, the person at the door didn’t greet me like he did to other customers entering the store. I didn’t think nothing of it at first, and instead I went over to look at the CDs and DVDs in the store. Usually when a customer is browsing the store, one of the employees will approach them and ask if they need any help finding something. This didn’t happen once, not even when I made direct eye contact with an employee whom I went to school with. She didn’t recognize me. I can’t blame her for it, since my long hair was covered up, but I couldn’t help but feel that all she saw was my hijab and not me, let alone a customer.

You can read the complete article here : http://asmilingmalice.deviantart.com/art/A-Social-Experiment-202124891


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  1. you will always find hurdles on true path and it’s oblivious that you will be alone while trying to locate the best path to complete your journey in incomplete world….

    • I wont be alone CU 🙂 … my Allah , my Prophet Salalahu alaihe wasalllam , my parents, my loved ones and my friends are and will be with me 🙂

  2. My dear Brother,
    In the respected society that we live in; Moulvi is an ‘abuse’ more thn anything!
    Who is to blame, well the disease of the society is growing everyday!
    Islam is not the way to many of the educated liberals yet becoming the modest Muslim!
    We try to find the easy way in everything and Alas! we are loosing the religion that once we were proud of.
    Muslims in Turkey are 99.99 % densely populated yet people are reluctant not to be practicing muslims.
    I guess the muslims in our nation are the worst of any muslim country around the world and this is alarming.
    May God give us courage to know our values and stand strongly with those values without the fear of the society calling us ‘Oye Moulvi’

  3. This is one part of the story. One store dislike you or some stores or many stores, at least their is one non-Muslim store to greet you and thats enough.

    Dude try shopping in a store in Pakistan a Muslim country with Muslim ppl. They will treat you like shit.

    This month I went to hafeez center to buy an iPhone and boi oh boi was I disappointed like hell. Market is full of shit..

    Month before this I went to hafeez center to buy iPod touch 4 and man I just went back. one giggle was: i went to raffles the official apple distributor and ask them the price of ipod, he said 25k, i said, isn’t that 2k more then the market? he was playing with his phone and never really gave me full attention and while retaining his juvenile state and remain seated he said “tu ja ker un say hi lay lo”. I literally wanna say GO guck urself which i said professional whether that dull grant understood it or not.

    Day befoe yesterday i went to chamberlan road to get some camera equipment and a polarizer filter and man i literally wanna kick some heavy butt.. its shit, and crap.. no concept of customer care, dealing, or anything, anywhere near that concept.

    Biggest thing of them all is that you haven’t actually spent time with ppl from west. so stop complaining. I have; dinners, trips, gathering, fun u name it and man I love that moment than anything else.. absolutely nice ppl and just amazingly friendly.

    I know, everyone has met a gorroo.. I did too for official work; american, french, brit; had dinner with them, chat but thats all that is.. official. its hello, hi, eat and bye.

    You need to meet and spent some time with them to understand what I am saying. go hang-out with them, fool around.

    Same way u saying about them siting here, they do the same siting there so whats the difference. reason, they never met us and neither had we.

    Dont try justify urself after watching TV shows, movies and smallville; thats all fake and crap.

    Welcome to the real world my friend.

  4. And I am not justify that buy any means. What she wrote is absolutely right and thats what their government is doing, brain washing their own people.

    Dude blame, Geo, express and all of pakistani media for promoting bad side of pakistan over good. their media is biased, so is india’s. They hide anything that will make their country bad and amplifies everything else.

    Dont blame the ppl, blame goverment your own media, your own goverment for remond devis, for loans. and your ppl who wont unite and pull every single leg they can ever find and those living aboard whose abuses their system and who living here who abuses everything possible.

    wo sunna nai kabhi.. unity is power?? we arent united so other ppl will take advantage.. blame our own ppl.. which i solely do…

    • who the hell is talking about customer care and market attitude and blah blah .. i admit that its non-existent in our country .. no question

      the point is “RACISM” man !! .. the “blatant discrimination” based on skin color, religion, dressing, ethnicity, etc … and ofcourse I am not saying that its all over the place and 100% people there are such .. but a significant majority is such and this is not from the “media” .. I dont damn care about media !! . just go to forums , youtube , check out their comments … they are so so full of racism and hatred

      of course when you are are with “friendly” people , or you spend time with people … they get to “know” you and then of course they will be good and all. I have also talked and have nice friends over my professional life in US .. indians, hindus, jews, americans, chinese, and and many more and they are very nice.

      but the true nature of a person can be seen how he deals with strangers or people who belong to the “other” group (based on whatever criteria) …

      The point is if a significant part of a society ( and here i dont mean majority) is like this and the other part is not trying to fix it … then both are to blame ! …

      aur frankly meray liya .. pakistan ki aik din ki zindagi .. amreeka ki crore saal ki zindagi se behter hai … yahan kal ko mujhe ye darr nhi ho ga k maine apne bachon ko seedha karne k liye un pe haath uthaya to woh mujhpe case kar k mujhe ander kar dain gay … yahan mujhe har waqt ye darr nhi laga rehta k darhi ki wajah se “terrorist” ka thappa laga k guantanamo bay nhi bheja jaun ga … aulaad mujhe boorhi umar main “old house” main nhi daal de gi … i can give 100s of such reasons
      so again for me ” pakistan ki aik din ki zindagi .. amreeka ki crore saal ki zindagi se behter hai ”

      and the rest of the comments… u kind of diverted from the point of order 🙂 there are millions of problems with pakistan i know .. i admit and ofcourse we need to fix it 🙂

  5. all you bachay police and stuff.. apply that to an american in america. He is happy.

    Racism exist there and its not about Muslims.. they discriminate everyone other then themselves. Read the Black history.

    And I knew u will gave that professional gorray friends example that why i told in advance that it doenst matter.

    Plus i told u its us.. why the hell u crying … aaa.. the discriminate.. pai udhar jao hi nai aghar itni takleef hai.. jab loggon ko paisa izaat say zeda acha lagta hai, jo keh bahir ja ker milta bhi nai.. jab keh logoon ko gadget life izaat say zeda achi lagti hai, which u can buy here as well.. jab keh loggon ko west ki life apni izzat say zeda pasand hai.. tu bahi rona band keroo..

    I have relatives who live is us and complain.. i ask them, why live there?? wo bagair waja keh udhar hai, kyoon keh advance country ki aadat jo ho gai hai.. tu lo phir.. bist hoo..

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