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Ten Commandments for Stress Free Programming


Thou shalt not worry about bugs.
Bugs in your software are actually special features.

Thou shalt not fix abort conditions.
Your user has a better chance of winning state lottery than getting the same abort again.

Thou shalt not handle errors.
Error handing was meant for error prone people, neither you nor your users are error prone.

Thou shalt not restrict users.
Don’t do any editing, let the user input anything, anywhere, anytime. That is being very user friendly.

Thou shalt not optimize.
Your users are very thankful to get the information, they don’t worry about speed and efficiency.

Thou shalt not provide help.
If your users can not figure out themselves how to use your software than they are too dumb to deserve the benefits of your software anyway.

Thou shalt not document.
Documentation only comes in handy for making future modifications. You made the software perfect the first time, it will never need modifications.

Thou shalt not hurry.
Only the cute and the mighty should get the program by deadline.

Thou shalt not revise.
Your interpretation of specs was right, you know the users’ requirements better than them.

Thou shalt not share.
If other programmers needed some of your code, they should have written it themselves

Remembering my Space


Yeah well as you must have heard that “appearances are often deceiving”. Well that is the case of the title of this post 😛

Actually this was not my first blog per-say. In fact I started blogging way back in December 2004. I was still in university and it was my 4th semester of BCS. Back then all these things like social networking, blogging, etc was not that “in”. At that time msn came up with msn “spaces” a sort of a blog but it was much more “kewl” than the blogs we had today. And I loved it for its interface, and easy customizability and widgets.

But over time first I moved to blogger and then to wordpress for its larger audience but also because msn gave notice that they are going to shutdown spaces. (!@$(!%@@!$ ). But they at the end gave an option to import all my posts. But “only” my posts not all the lot of other data like photo albums, lists, etc. Anyways I have bored you enough, so let’s come to the point of order.

So I have decided that I will repost some of the stuff from my “space” here. It will keep my blog active and I don’t have to do much effort … my lazy self is so happy for this ingenious plan of mine 😀

So if you haven’t dare’d to hit the follow button yet … now is the time!


P.S. Today 24th November is the birthday of my most favorite poetess of all time … the legend “Parween Shakir”

kuch to hawa bhi sard thi kuch tha tera khiyal bhi…

dil ko khushi k saath saath hota raha malaal bhi…


baat wo adhi raat ki raat wo purey chand ki

chand bhi unchait ka uspe tera jamaal bhi…


sab se nazar bacha k wo mujhe kuch ayse dekhta

ek baar tu ruk gaya gardish-e-mahoo saal bhi…


dil tu chamak sakey ga kia phir bhi tarash k dekh lain

sheesha garan-e-shehar k haath ka ye kamaal bhi…


usko na pa sakey thai jab dil ka ajab haal tha

ab jo palat k dekhiye baat thi kuch muhaal bhi…


meri talab tha ek shaks wo jo nhy mila tu phir

haath dua se yun gira bhool gaya sawal bhi…


uski sukhan tarashiyan mere liye bhi dhaal thein

uski hansi main chup gaya apne ghumon ka haal bhi…


gah-e-kareeb shahrag gah-e-baeed wehm-o-guman

uski rafakatoon mai raat hijar bhi thi wasal bhi…


us ky hi baazowon main rahey or us ko hi soochty rahy

jism ki khawahishoon pe thy rooh k or jaal bhi


shaam ki nasamjh hawa pooch rahi hai ekpata

mauj-e-hawa-e-ku-e-yaar , kuch to mera khayal bhi !


Click here to watch the video of Parween Shakir herself reading this to perfection

Blast from the past …



I want to go back in time & want my childhood days back when

“Getting high” meant “On swing”,

 “Dad” was the only “Hero”,

 “Love” was “Mom’s hug”,

“Highest place on earth” was “Dad’s shoulder”,

“My worst enemies” were “My own siblings”,

Only thing that could “hurt” were “skinned knees”,

the only thing “Broken” were my “Toys”

and when “Goodbyes” meant “Only till Tomorrow”