101st Post – Insha Naam ka Deewana


I originally thought of posting it as the 100th post but then I came across this awesome piece of poetry and the 100th post position was won over by it 🙂

First of all I wanted to share this  gem from Ibn e Insha’s poetry  which is recited to perfection by Asim Bashir. It’s a must listen. It’s a bit long, for the poetry lovers, totally worth it ! 🙂

You can find its transcript here.

And finally I wana share my Google Reader list of the blogs I have subscribed to. Each is special and awesome in its own … enjoy 🙂

Aasiyah Rising.Ali’s Journal

Andeel Usman(Chotay Pa Ji)

Amar bail

Expressions Afloat…

امبانس is آوسمنس

Gossips © Burhan Rasool

Anum’s Diary

bessy who?

My Life or Something Like it

Writing For Life

From the Archives of Chambers of Love

Capture Universe » Lesson of Life!

Beyond The Horizon..

C it my way!

Mudassir Shabbir

Vageha’s Blog

Anonymous Thought’s

Bewildered Soliloquy

Ch0c0’s w0rld

Cheesey Delight


DaSh of sPice …

Rida – M0! unique thoughtsGold-Dust

H’s Guide to Growing Up…slowly

I Love You For All Eternity…

Idle Curiosities » Blissfull M



Kazim’s Blog


Life or Something Like It

Maniac Muslim

Mehreen Kasana

Meri Zaat Zarra-e-BenishaaN


Mind and Beyond

Mocking a Tale

Naqshab Afra

nEEbz Blog

when silence is everything


Confessions of a Bonafide Adult


Crimson Sky

Critical Velocity



حالِ دل

حالِ دل

خاموش آواز

لفنگے کی ڈائری

پانچواں درویش

پھپھے کٹني


Bholay Badshah ***** بھولے بادشاہ

Rida’s Diary




The GW Life

The Hidden Alcove

The Jacaranda Secret

the LOL class


Ulta Seedha

Under The Magic Tree


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