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    • oh .. then you are a man in womans body 😛

      but srsly though .. do ask them abt the reason behind their mood .. bcz they tell truth .. when they say “nothing” .. it “IS” nothing 🙂

    • no , it means = “I just want to be alone for a while after it will be completely fine” 🙂

      whereas in ur kind case :

      nothing = “everything, apocalypse, doom !!… run for your lives !!! ” 😛

  1. I liked the flow in the article. Not too hard to relate to the lady there. But somehow, the ending seems a little abrupt. What happens the next morning. Or maybe the same night 😉 Perhaps you can add a nice twist. Just a suggestion.

    • haha 😀 … it is left to the reader’s imagination of what happend afterwards or the same night 😉
      i think its better this way … the point of post was to show how different women’s thought patterns are to men

      thanks for visiting … welcome to my humble blog 🙂

  2. Nice writing from someone’s diary but one thing I would like to add to respect woman’s feelings when she asks you, is there anything wrong? it means she cares about you so do give respect to that care and don’t behave like “Just leave me alone for a while” it will simply give her sense of insecurity and disrespect … 🙂 Peace!

    • We know its out of care and we don’t mean disrespect or anything.
      but female kind should understand the difference, that when they are upset or facing a personal problem or issue they need to talk and share and someone to listen to them, where as for us guys we don’t like or need to talk/share , we need some “alone time” .. some “personal space” to think and brood over it and then we are fine. Women should try to understand and accept it 🙂

      2ndly, mostly women are concerned if its something related to them, generally guys would straight forward tell you or remain silent (as in to show narazgi) if its related to you , But (this is important) if we say its ‘nothing’ or not related to you then it “is” not related to you what so ever so please accept that truth and stop worrying yourself and stop pestering us about it 🙂
      Peace ! 🙂

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