A Conversation …



“the problem is not with them .. its with you

you are a kind of Fixer!

you somehow believe that you have to fix everyone and everything …

but the thing is… you cant!

and most of all you don’t have to!”


“don’t say that! … I did fix them partially you know …

(sigh) but then I made it worse …. ”


“that’s what I am saying duffer!”


yaar ab kisi ki help bhi na karo ! ?


“its one thing to help and totally another to cripple

agar caterpillar ko waqt se pehle cocoon se bahir nikaal do to wo kabhi urr nhi sakay ga

we have to deal with and get out of our troubles our selves”


“yeah are partially right … but everyone needs a friend .. a sahara to get up”


“its hard to let go of the hand that helps you survive ! ”


“laikin mere se gham zada log dekhe nahi jaatay” ! 😦


“You don’t have to be the FIXER !! ”


“you know what … its addictive 😛 …

its feels good to be a fixer …

and btw … I have some successful cases on my record too ”


” just ask yourself ,

are those cases worth the unsuccessfull depression you go through ? ”


“yes ….. no …… maybe …

I don’t know yaar ! ….

(apne se related) mushkil questions mere se hall nahi hotay 🙂 …

I run away”


“Then you need to stop fixing others and fix YOURSELF ! ….

what you run away from is the thing that needs fixing “


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  1. It’s true. You can’t fix everything, and you shouldn’t. We can only help those who want to be helped. And if one is trying to help to boost their own ego, then that’s even worse.

    • thats the point … they are ‘looking’ for help .. for a hand to hold and pull them up … and some people cant just walk away from such a person … its very difficult you know … and its definitely not for ego 🙂

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