Humanity ~ Abdul Sattar Edhi


For some time now I have been losing hope for my beloved country Pakistan. News of violance, killings and blasts, karachi is burning, loadshedding, shortage of water, people dying of poverty, hunger, disease ! … when you hear and see such things all around you, it dampens ur mood  and adversly affects ur life and even ur behavior , like slow poisoning  .. you get a light but constant headache .. its not much at start .. but when it lingers for days .. well it is worse then the biggest of headaches!!

But today my friend shared this and it lifted my spirit. It didn’t take away all my sorrows but it gave me something to hold on to .. like a piece of wood in middle of a sea storm … it gave me HOPE ! … hope for pakistan , my beloved homeland ❤

Thankyou 🙂

Do watch the video!!

– Ali

Abdul Sattar Edhi, 84, gave up everything to devote his life to helping Pakistan’s poorest. From standing on the foot paths to beg for the poor, to establishing Pakistan’s biggest network of shelter homes and ambulance service, here is the selfless journey of a true living saint.

Founder of Edhi.

Founder of Edhi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Think twice for Pakistan. Think twice about Pakistan!

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  1. And why were you loosing hope! Media is very very powerful and its been there for decades to influence ppl without their knowledge and immensely involved in shameless political propaganda. Why you need the bad news when you are eventually gonna fix the damn freakin problem. Just stay put and make yourself discreet, hatred and fear will only weaken you not make you strong.

    If Sir Edhi think this way that “Ah WTF, Pakistan is fking dying, oh its gone, you know swat, you know Karachi, Pakistan economy is gone, fkng stupid moron politicians.. ahhh inflation, petrol Rs. 110 WTF???? man holyshit.” then he wasn’t able to do what he has achieved till now.

    I always said that if can’t do something then just don’t complain as in a world of global warming that’s just noise pollution that’s all.

    • yaar I am usually indifferent to such things … more like ignoring the bad aspects of life only looking at positive .. but .. lately its sort of getting under my skin .. bcz situation is really getting REALLY bad… I dont watch news channels etc .. but as I said … the affect took over me like slow poisoning .. after all I live in the same land , i am not immune to the affects

  2. I wish we had more people like him in the world. He is that person that makes me realize humanity is still alive in some.
    May Allah bless him for every good deed of his in this world and the next as well.

    • Ameen

      yes .. peaple like this gives you hope . This world is still running due to good people like him.
      Thank you for visiting 🙂

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