Loh-o-Qalam tere hain …



Kitab-e-Hasti K Sarr-Warq Pe Jo Naam-e-AHMAD (Salalaho Alehe Wasallam) Raqam Na Hota

Wajood-e-Hasti Ubhar Na Sakti , Wajood-e-Loh-O-Qalam Na Hota


Zameen Na Hoti Falak Na Hota , Arab Na Hota Ajam Na Hota

Yeh Mehfil-e-Kon-O-Makaan Na Hoti , Agar Woh SHAH-e-UMAM Na Hota

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    • Dont take it in literal meaning 🙂
      here it refers to that beloved Prophet Muhammad Salalahu Alehe Wasallam was the reason for the creation of Adam Alehe salam and the universe.
      Search and read about the hadith where Hazrat Adam Alehe Salam when created, saw the kalma “Laaa ilaaha illallah Muhammadur rasoolullah” was written on Arsh already . it will be better you research yourself 🙂

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